Anahata Yoga Academy

In 2012 I founded Anahata Yoga Academy, the largest Yoga and Personal Development Academy in Greece.

My vision for Anahata Yoga Academy, along with a team of exquisite teachers, is to inspire our students to lead meaningful lives full of joy, balance and harmony, inspiring in this way their own students.

The team constantly evolves and grows, with an undiminished enthusiasm to offer annual training programs both online and in person.

All instructors are GLOBALLY accredited yoga teachers and have completed more than 5000 hours of training.

Our students’ joy, transformation, aliveness and wondrous evolution, speak for themselves; our very own reward.

Finding their special niche in the job market, by offering excellent yoga classes, clearly indicates that our programs stand out!

More info about the Academy's Training Programs, here:

Αnahata Yoga Academy Τrainings

Anahata Academy is the only Academy in Greece that is
an official member of Yoga Alliance USA for RYS200 and RYS500 levels.

Upon Graduation:
1. Internationally recognized as Hatha Yoga Teachers.
2. Members of Yoga Alliance USA International Organization as RYT200 + RYT500

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