Yoga combines physical activity with mental wellbeing. Physical postures improve flexibility and build strength, while breathing techniques and meditation practices harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits of Yoga:
The practice of yoga:

Flexibility, Strength and Balance


Concentration and Calmness

Inner Peace and Self-awareness

Connection with our Inner Unlimited Power

Consistent practice (Sadhana), offers a multitude of benefits to handle life's ongoing challenges.

One-on-One Yoga sessions:

    One-on-One Yoga sessions:   

Detoxification techniques (kriya)

Βreathing techniques/balancing the nervous system (pranayama)

Physical postures (asana)

Somatic movement techniques for unwinding

Relaxation and meditation techniques (Yoga Nidra, Prana Nidra, Mindfulness)

Guidance of Sadhana (daily routine for well-being and physical and mental health)

One-on-One Yoga sessions.

60 minute
Via Skype or at my office
(Ethnikis Amynis 23, Thessaloniki)
*By appointment only
For private lessons and personalized practices, please
contact me at [email protected]

Cost: 50€/lesson

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