Rainy Days

There are rainy days in life.
Rainy periods I would say. Rainy seasons.
For many of us, this is a part of our reality amd is happening now.
Too much darkness out there and inside!
Too much disturbance through the everydays heartbreaking news.

?This world is going crazy, right?
Not because of the pamdemic of course, but because of the personal crisis, the other kind of pandemic we all have to face.
Some of us, we feel ready to stand on our feet. Some of us, we need some time to reflect upon what is really happening out there and inside.

?Truth is that now is the perfect opportunity for self discovery. To take ourselves out in the rain and dance our spirits free until we purify the core of our existence.

Perfect time for lots of rainy days. ☔️
Let’s enjoy them free.

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