?I am visiting this beach, our hidden paradise, for years now. I know every corner of hers. Her stunning beauty, her shapeless rocks -they don’t feel comfortable into forms so they change into something new every year. They are powerful rocks, yet soft from the inside if you care to listen to their song.
?This beach is full of beautiful stones, some sand here and there and definitely no sea shells. As I was visiting her again this year, I was praying to the Universe for Abundance.
Abundance mindset, Abundance consciousness.
Every different form of abundance.
I was there, ready to welcome a wave full of abundance in my life. ?
?And it happened. Full force. First those big waves I was swimming, playing, dancing with, charging my whole energetic system. Strong vibrations, strong shifts along the way.
And then all of a sudden, hidden under some sea weed, -hard to find them indeed- a treasure of beautiful sea shells ? all along the beach! I couldn’t believe in my eyes. Small, amazingly beautiful and so many!
Nature was showering me with abundance in all different ways.
I stayed quite for some time. To feel, to explore, to observe.
?We are never alone. Start showering yourself with what you need, today.
You can manifest exactly what you want in life. ?
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