⚜️Lately, I am wondering how we can facilitate ourselves during the process of closing circles. Inner circles that held a big part in this lifetime journey and now they have to come to an end.

⚜️It’s not about forcing the circles to close. Its all about “seeing the signs”. Every sign that is meant for us. So that we can end up things in a peaceful way. -at least inside our heart ❤️

⚜️What I usually do and works for me is that I let the signs to guide me. In silence.
Not using my intellect, just letting it preparing the space for my heart to follow the signs that can’t be ignored anymore.

⚜️During this process, small shifts are happening inside me. No rush. No violent actions.
Not “too much” of anything.
Just small shifts. Little by little.
Regaining back my energy. Sending myself back to the Source and then back to myself again.

⚜️And then, organically the circle ⭕️ is coming to a quiet end away from the extremities. And I am lying down in the middle of the circle, sometimes with tears, holding the sense of abundance in all forms.
Even in closing circles.

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